JW Cherry III – Chairman

The core element of a powerfully focused CEO is centered on their experience as well as their JW Cherry III (1)ability to develop and implement efficient strategies.  This type of leadership is engrained in JW Cherry III, who founded a private mortgage bank in 1987 as well as a host of various other successful businesses.  JW Cherry III clearly envisioned how his business sense would allow him to excel in a world where a self-starter is extremely valuable.   With discipline and sound decision making, Cherry establish a multimillion dollar business by age 28, using real estate investing and acquisitions as his success vehicle.  He now has over 34 years of experience founding and managing dynamic businesses.  JW currently continues his business pursuits employing over 250 employees at his National Mobile signing company Pro Services LLC.His commitment to research and his accurate risk management skills allowed him to meet the needs of multiple companies.

Once Cherry found success with his real estate investments, he set his sights on intellectual property as he aspired to help artists and musicians.  In 1990, Cherry saw his vision come to light as the executive produced an independent film called “Crackdown Big City Blues”.This first foray into the production world inspired Cherry to use his project management skills in hopes of securing important art history.  He quickly purchased the rights to legendary jazz musician Cab Calloway’s autobiography with the intention of creating an authorized film in 1992.  While Debbie Allen quickly agreed to direct the production, Calloway passed away in 1994 before the project could be completed.

Cherry’s keen business sense and networking abilities allowed him to work with legendary business magnates like Steve Stoute, who currently partners with entertainer/business man Jay-Z.  As a young man, Steve lived next door to Cherry and often helped him with aspects of his first independent film.  This early mentoring relationship aided Stoute as he began to recognize his own creative strengths as well as his ambition for growing brands.

Cherry also takes great pride in community service previously serving as a founding board member of the International Christian Brotherhood (also known as the ICB) later providing leadership by facilitating a Bond initiative which raised twenty million dollars in order to build the Christian Cultural Center in East New York, Brooklyn.

As a Founder, Chairman and CEO of We Empower You Cherry is inventive, professional and quick to action as he consistently works to secure forward thinking strategies.  In 2013, after the Supreme Court struck down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act stripping it of the preclearance clause which in great part protected the African American from institutional disenfranchisement of their voting rights, John put pen to paper and wrote the book Your Vote Matters the Easy Way to Use Your Power. We Empower You, a nonprofit organization lead by JW Cherry III, has made a call to awareness which will soon be an active call to action.

We Empower You also now seeks to introduce educational programs in collaboration with The Impact TV Network.This network partners with Bold One Enterprises, where John serves as COO.  Soon the partnership will produce a program to restore the VRA and expand that initiative to create a curriculum, mentorships and even partnerships for ex-felons who seek to regain access to their full citizenship. Starting with regaining their right to vote and their right to hold professional license’s such as realtor or notary licenses, this program gives these citizens opportunities to restore their contribution to society.

Most of all JW Cherry III values and treasures his 38-year marriage to his wife Patsy, his three children Candice, April and John IV, as well as his granddaughter Alissa. JW Cherry III believes in consistency as he excels as an accountable leader with a clear vision.

NYC MayorBill  de Blasio expressed his REALITY training his African American son  to “take special care in any encounter he has with Police who are there to protect him. He said he feared his son safety from the very people that are here to protect him.” The beginning of the  solution is really simple.   Union President Patrick Lynch  must acknowledge and realize that at minimum the  perception is REAL  and rather than say that Mayor is against the Police take note and seek to bridge the divide. The Mayors expression is his REALITY not him turning against the police,  it is simply  the Mayor’s  REALITY much like many NYC citizens. Mr. Lynch ask your Black officers what they tell their Black sons?

JW Cherry III

JW Comments

              I Say to NYC Police Union President Patrick Lynch to ask his African American officers what they tell their African American son’s.  They tell their son’s first state your dad or mom is “ON THE JOB” state that he works at XYZ   Precinct”, know their badge number.  That gets the officers attention and halts their pursuit, inquiry or whatever the officers   concerns are, then officers adjusts their attitude and move forward.  African American officer’s sons are very rarely in the position of a Michael Brown or Eric Garner. Are their sons more perfect or do they have the code words and information to avoid harm.

                 The NYC Police Leadership most specifically their Union President Patrick Lynch is following the path of current day politics. His objective as the Union President is to maintain his position by advocating for his members many times this results in creating a villain such as Mayor Bill de Blasio. Police Officers are highly respected but listen to their leadership. If people will just do what we say there would be no problems (how arrogant, officers must be trained that when they pursue someone, they will likely be met with questions and disagreement and how they handle that is significant. They must know that the person being questioned having a response does not automatically equal resisting arrest and the officer should not function as if what they do from the state prosecutor.)The manner and respect in which an officer would approach a business man in a suit getting out of a limo who has been indicted for insider trading and the manner and respect an officer would approach an African American male standing on a corner in Staten Island who had been questioned prior for selling lose cigarettes is unfortunately very different because a judgment on the officers part would be made before the interaction (this is human and that is what must be checked) therefore the result of that officers inquiry and the response of the person being questioned would be different simply based on the respect shown.

                             The offices leadership say our officers put their lives on the line everyday never knowing if they are coming home that night that is a noble and credible statements, BUT that does not absolve the Police Officers from being questioned about how they do their job when questions are apparent. The leadership should be held accountable when they state the Mayor should be aware that the police protect him? Is that a THREAT?   In closing we pray for the families of the two assassinated Officers, Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos.   The Officers nor their families deserved this end and we pray for the families of Michael Brown and, Eric Garner they nor did their families deserve this end.  DEATH & MURDER   is not the solution to disagreement LISTENING and ACKNOWLEDGMENT of the other side’s pain is the beginning of change.  I hear the Garner family publically stating they do not want or advocate violence, that the murder of these two officers was senseless.  I have never heard the Leadership of the Police Union state that he acknowledged the perception and possible inappropriate action on some police officers part, in his opinion Officers are never wrong. He speaks in such absolute terms leaving no room for understanding. Oh well I guess that is how he keeps his job which is not public relations it is contract negotiation against the Mayor and making the police members  feel he is fighting for them. So let’s leave the conversation between people who primarily want a solution and not a negotiating position.  People take note the actual police officers do not get to speak only their leadership, who has an agenda which is part of the problem. “Joe” Scarborough of the Morning Joe said he regretted not getting Officers to speak on his show. I suggest that on the job officers would be between a rock and a hard place to speak their mind certainly if they disagreed with leadership. It’s not the Police officers we’re are communicating with it’s their leadership with an entirely different agenda.